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Do you love meeting and connecting with new people? Do you enjoy helping others work through their personal issues? Do people often describe you as compassionate and understanding? There may be a future for you as a counselor. The demand for qualified and skilled counselors is on the rise, and is projected to remain strong over the coming years. Now is an especially great time to become a counselor.

If you are not quite sure whether or not you want to become a counselor, perhaps you should take a closer look at the different types of counselor career paths. Different types of counselors help different types of people. Some counselors work exclusively with children or teens, while others provide marriage and couples counseling to adults. There are counselors who help those who are suffering from addictions, behavior disorders, and mental distress. There are also career counselors who help people find their dream job. To decide which type of counselor you would like to become, you must determine which causes mean the most to you.

Each state has its own licensing educational and training requirements to become a counselor. In most cases the minimum educational requirement is a master’s degree. Some states allow counselors to qualify for their licenses by completing an accredited therapy specific training program, such as an online therapist school. Before choosing a school or program, it is important to make certain that the program will satisfy the state’s requirements first.

Either as part of the degree program, or as part of the licensing program, in order to become a counselor, clinical training or an internship is often required. For example, if you were interested in becoming a counselor for the school system, you could complete your clinical hours working in a school under the supervision of the counselor on staff there. Almost every counselor education and training program requires some facet of in the field experience.

Most counselors do work in educational settings, working with students. These counselors provide career counseling as well as general guidance for students in need. As a counselor, you could also find employment with a rehabilitation center, or with any institution that deals with substance abuse. As a counselor, you would also have the option of creating your own practice, where you could provide whatever type of counseling services that you desire. By becoming a counselor, you can open many doors for yourself in the future.

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