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Become a Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is not only about relaxation. A talented massage therapy can help a patient relieve stress, detoxify, and even recover from injuries or ailments. If you love to help people, and get the rewarding gratification of improving peoples’ lives by working with your hands, you may have what it takes to become a massage therapist. The profession of massage therapy offers a growing number of career opportunities, and you could be working as a professional massage therapist very soon.

Before you are ready to work directly with patients as a massage therapist, it is necessary to receive education and training. This does mean completing a massage therapy degree program. Before choosing a degree program, it is crucial that you first check to see what the licensing requirements are within your state. You will need to pick a school that will offer the courses that will fulfill the necessary requirements before getting started.

The curriculum within a massage therapy degree program largely consists of anatomy, basic kinesiology, as well as various eastern and western massage therapy techniques. Some people may not be able to go to a school and take these courses because they do not have the time or financial resources. Fortunately, there are online massage therapy degree programs that are more affordable, and can work around your schedule.

While it is possible to receive the degree you need either at a school or through an online degree program, you will of course need in person massage therapy training before you are ready to work with patients. If you choose to take online courses, you will be required to complete in person practice hours at a local massage school, or any other massage therapy clinic that is willing to supervise your training time. The number of hours you are required to complete will be determined by your state and degree program requirements.

Once you have finished your education and training, the next step to become a massage therapist is to take the certification. The certification requirements and passing testing scores vary from state to state. Once you have passed the certification, you will be ready to work for a massage therapy clinic, or start your own private business as a massage therapist. In order to maintain your certification, you will need to continue your education by logging a set number of training hours each year, per your state’s requirements.

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