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Become a Respiratory Therapist

What if your job was to enable people to breathe easier? That is exactly what a respiratory therapist does every day. They work with children and adults who suffer from breathing disorders such as emphysema or asthma. Regardless of what the medical condition may be, a respiratory therapist uses a variety of therapeutic exercises along with medical equipment to help patients breathe normally. If you are interested in a meaningful career in the medical field, you can begin the steps to become a respiratory therapist.

In order to pursue a career in respiratory therapy, it is necessary to have a strong interest in disciplines such as biology, anatomy, health sciences, as well as math and chemistry. To become a respiratory therapist, it is necessary to complete a degree program that encompasses an extensive training program that typically lasts two years. These educational and training services can be obtained at a university or vocational school. It is possible to complete an online degree, which can be paired with clinical on the job clinical training. Some hospitals offer their own respiratory training programs.

All but ten states require that respiratory therapists obtain a license to practice. In the ten states that do not require licenses, most hospitals and other medical facilities strongly prefer that their job candidates do obtain a license. The respiratory therapy license is obtained by passing an exam administered by the National Board for Respiratory Care. In order to maintain the license, certification hours must be completed every two years, which is a simple continuing education process.

Once you have completed your training, and received your licensing, you can begin working in the field as a respiratory therapist. There are numerous opportunities for qualified therapists in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private medical practices, or any other medical center. The job outlook for respiratory therapists is currently strong, and is expected to continue to grow over the coming years. People will always be in need of quality respiratory support and services.

While it typically only requires the two year training program to obtain an entry level job as a respiratory therapist, you can easily advance within the field by continuing education and gaining more experience in the field. Many respiratory therapists choose to complete online bachelor’s degrees online while gaining work experience. With the combination of the right education and experience, you can build a highly successful career as a respiratory therapist.

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