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Physical Therapy
There are a number of different degrees within the physical therapy program. Whether you decide to get an associates degree, bachelors degree, or go all the way to obtain your Master’s or doctoral degree, the choice is yours. Physical therapy is the study of how body structures operate to move the body. A physical therapist is someone who is trained to aide in helping the body recover from injury. Specializing in the healing or retraining of body movements after injury or rehabilitation, there are different levels of expertise within the field. A program can be designed tailored to your specific interest and career goals.

Occupational Therapy
A degree in occupational therapy is one that teaches you to assist people throughout different stages of their lives to participate in the activities that are necessary. An occupational therapist is trained to work with specialized populations such as children with disabilities, the elderly, or those who are recovering from injury. Their main training is to provide support for both the needs of an individual both physically and cognitively. You will learn to set goals with patients and to train, or retrain, them to carry on with independence in their everyday lives. The goal of an occupational therapist is to make sure that the individual is first taught, and then to make sure that the original goals set are maintained.

Art Therapy
An art therapy training degree is one in which teaches the individual to use art techniques and teaching to aide in furthering the development of their patients. Through the use of art, degreed individuals are taught to use art as a means of communication and healing. Although anyone can use art therapy, it is very effective in those who are challenged in the area of communication. Used for counseling for healing, treatment, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, it is an overall way to teach individuals to use other forms of communication. The idea is to help patients gain a deeper perspective and understanding of themselves and their abilities.