Seriously? You Get To Do Art, Work With People, And Get Paid For It?

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Seriously? You Get To Do Art, Work With People, And Get Paid For It?

If you are someone who really enjoys the combination of art and helping people, you may be overlooking the perfect career. Becoming an art therapist may be the ideal occupation for you to pursue. It sounds too good to be true, but an art therapist makes a living out of doing art with others for the purpose of healing, and rehabilitation. It is a hidden gem among the medical professions, and one that is highly under recognized.

An art therapist is someone who works primarily with special needs individuals, and geriatric patients, to improve their fine motor skills, and thinking capabilities. Through the use of art, they bring about change in those who are in need of rehabilitation. If it sounds like the dream job, and you think there is a catch, there isn’t. Not only is it a great career, it is easy to train to become a therapist.

You can choose to attend a traditional four year institution for your therapist training, or you can complete your training all online and in your spare time. Being able to get your therapist certification online means that you can complete it at your own pace, continuing to work full time, and working when your schedule allows. If you are considering the prospects to become a therapist, make sure to enlist the help of to find the best placement for you to get your therapist training.

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